Star Alliance MegaDo 9 | Oct 12-16, 2019 | FRA-XFW-DBV-ZAG


A whirlwind VIP journey behind the scenes of commercial aviation.

The frequent traveler’s ultimate field trip| 10 year anniversary!


Go backstage at VIE and BRU

Go backstage with Lufthansa & Croatia

Check out Lufthansa’s new Business Class seats at Lufthansa’s Innovation Center. Kick the tires at the maintenance hangar at Zagreb airport, and explore the training facilities. Chat with Lufthansa’s Head of Product and Croatia Airline’s CEO.

Hop around Europe in style

Hop around Europe in style

Jet away on our very own Croatia Airlines A320! Fly between Frankfurt (FRA), Hamburg Airbus (XFW), Dubrovnik (DBV), and Zagreb (ZAG) with 150 other #avgeeks. There will be hot meals, and an open bar, and even a beach party in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Exclusive parties in luxurious surroundings

Discover Airbus in Hamburg

Land at Airbus’ private Finkenwerder airport in Hamburg, Germany. Embark on an exclusive tour the home of the A320 series and the A350 paint facilities. Watch for the elusive Beluga!

We’ll be back soon!

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